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Announcement: New Job

As some people are already aware, I have left the beach-side in Australia to make a home next to the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado. I finished up at my last job 2 weeks ago now and will be eagerly starting my new role in product management with Rocket Software’s U2 business.

I have a lot to learn in the coming months and hopefully have just as much to share. For me, this is a great move for many reasons. One of the benefits is that I will be able to attend the Colorado Multivalue User Group and meet new interesting people in the MV world and hear/see what everyone else has been doing. If you are there for this months meeting on July 12th, be sure to say hi. I shouldn’t be hard to spot [well, hear :)].

I have no idea what my workload will be like in the coming months, but I assume it will be high as I settle in to a new country, learn the ropes of the company and familiarize myself with a new role. Hopefully you will still see new entries up on this site as I still have a lot to write and several articles on security, performance, tooling and even CakePHP are already part way written.

As always, for those that have the odd question or even if you would like me to write or expand upon something, send me an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if your on Twitter send me a message and follow me (@itcmcgrath) as I am always looking for more U2 people to add to my Twitter List.

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