This pages lists all current Open Source projects I know of for U2 related software. I encourage two tasks for you, the reader.

  1. Support these projects. Be it as a Developer, Tester or even just providing constructive feedback.
  2. If you know of an Open Source project for U2 that is not listed here, let me know and flick me a link!

Now, the projects:

Unibasic Code Coverage

A UniBasic Code Coverage tool. It produces formatted reports on the statement coverage of selected source files. Although it is written for UniData, it should be quite simple to port to other Basic style MultiValue systems.

You can find the project here on Sourceforge

OpenQM & Programs

Although not strictly U2, they should be close enough for relatively simply porting. Unfortunately the VMWare image for the OpenQM/Gentoo stack appears to be missing.

You can find all the programs here on Jon Kristofferson’s website

  1. May 1, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Open Source Basic programs for OpenQM, but should would on UniVerse and uniData (U2) as well. They were developed on UniData and ported to OpenQM.


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